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cara žlutá ubytování chorvatsko dovolená apartmány šibenik primošten brela baška makarská omiš mimice staniči nemira

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south view on the house terrace in the first floor beach under the house

DESTINATION:  smaller summer resort  called Pisak  -  about 16 km far from Omiš toward to Makarska

Pisak is very nice calm place for your holiday. The whole village is  situated out of the main road and you can be sure that your apartment 

will be in calm place. Pisak has small historical centre  with nice church and there are several fantastic beaches with a glass clear sea. 

Apartment house is situated on the south hill with a nice sea view.

DISTANCE TO:   sea : 35m,  beach : 60-90m, centre: 700m, restaurant : 700m,  market : 700m.

(These metres are approximately only!)

PARKING:  private parking place next the house

WAY TO THE BEACH:   combination path + stairs. Considering to sitting of apartment we do not recommend for person with lower  move ability!

BEACH:  nice bebble beach with gentle entry to water  



AP 6  I. floor

3x bedroom with double bed, 1x kitchen, 1x bathroom with WC, balcony with fantastic sea view.

AP 3+2 ground floor

1x bedroom with double bed and 1x single bed,1x living room with sofa bed for 2 children and kitchen corner, 1x bathroom with WC,

big terrace with fantastic sea view. 


There is a possibility of combination with these houses:  IVICA AP3+2, AP4+2  


There are interiors of these apartments and there are beach near the house on the photos.

For entry to photo gallery click HERE and after it click on the name of apartment or destination.

                          ---------------------------------------------  beach under the house -----------------------------------------------------                                 

                                            ------------------------------------------- AP 6 - 3x bedroom -------------------------------------------------------                                       


                                       ------------       AP 6  -  kitchen  ----------------------                                            AP 6  -  bathroom with WC


          AP 6  -  balcony                                                    AP6  -  sea view from balcony           sea view from the house  toward  Makarska

   AP 3+2  -  bedroom for 3 persons                     AP 3+2 - living room with sofa bed                    AP 3+2 - kitchen corner

      AP 3+2 - kitchen corner                                           AP 3+2 bathroom with WC                          AP 3+2  -  terrace

                   beach under the house                               beach under the house                                            way on the beach

place with sea view for both apartments            sea view -  place called VRULJA                                 beach under the house 


                                                 beach under the house                                                 


                   natural beach about 300m far from the house - for boat only